Back to the Future

And we’re back! Sorry for not posting for a whole week đŸ˜¦ I was out of town and devoid of any form of internet access. Come to think of it, maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea…

But anyways today’s review is about ‘Back to the Future’. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, ‘Back to the Future’ tells the tale of a small-town Californian teen Marty McFly (Michael J Fox). Marty is teleported into the 50s due to a mishap in an experiment concerning a modified DeLorean car, an eccentric scientist (Christopher Lloyd) and some Libyans. Stuck in the past, Marty McFly must ensure his own survival and return to his own time.

I don’t really want to explain the plot too much as this movie is a sci-fi classic. Admittedly this is my first time watching this film (please don’t grill me too hard in the comments). Given this, I was able to go into the movie with an open mind. I didn’t pay much attention to all the fan boys (and girls) of this franchise because I didn’t want to distort my opinion of this film or get sucked into the hype prior to viewing it for the very first time, and let me tell you this: I was not disappointed, not even for a second.

I get why this movie is such a classic. Its plot is original. Its concepts are enticing. The set pieces in this movie are iconic and will remain a part of pop culture for generations to come. From the DeLorean DMC-12 to Honeymooners to ‘Tales from Space’, this movie is full of classic cars, songs and references. Iconic set pieces aside, this movie has got the laughs and is full of heart. One of the most significant elements of this movie is love; the “recreation” of love between two high school students. I really loved this element of the movie. At the same time I also appreciated the more comedic moments. This film generates comedy in a very unique manner. It utilizes details from earlier moments in the film that may seem dull or unnecessary and uses these details to generate copious amounts of humor through the idea of time travel (if that makes any sense).

This movie also features two stellar performances from Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. I felt that these two actors were given a lot of free range in terms of their dialogue as their performances seemed very natural and free flowing. While Marty McFly is more of a stereotypical american high school teen who has a nag for skateboarding and rock n rollin, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) is more of the sort “mad genius” character. Even though the archetypes of these characters are not original, the setting in which they were placed as well as their chemistry together made them great. I also want to briefly mention the fact that this movie has a ton of “what would I do” sort of scenarios, especially when McFly travels back into the past. Our main protagonist is faced with some pretty game changing decisions and in retrospect it puts you in his shoes and makes you think; what would I do in such circumstances?

I only have two concerns about this movie. The first concern pertains to product placement. There is a lot of it. A lot. At times, I felt I was watching a Transformers film given the abundance of corporate logos and taglines referenced. But I must stress that this concern of mine is a personal distaste. I’m sure many of you dismiss this as a concern of the film. My second concern is to do with timeline continuity. Now I’m going to be careful here. I haven’t seen the rest of the movies. Maybe they bring up some of my concerns here and make an effort to correct them. Given this possibility, I’ll leave it at that and come back to this idea in some other review/rant.

As a whole, yeah this movie’s great. It is a classic for a reason. Some people are drawn to it because of its iconic set pieces. Others may be attracted due to the stellar performances from Lloyd and Fox. For others it may be the actual plot of the movie and how original, heartwarming and humorous it is. But for me, my appreciation for this film is a combination of the elements above.




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