Based on the novels of Dan Brown, Inferno is the third installation of the adventures of Harvard religious iconology and symbology professor Robert Langdon. This time we are introduced to Langdon in a hospital bed in Florence. The professor’s memory regarding his presence in Florence and his head injury are unknown. What’s more is that there is an imminent threat of the release of a powerful biological weapon capable of wiping half of the earth’s population.

I had much displeasure watching this movie, but let’s focus on the positives for just a minute. For one, Inferno provides viewers with a few neat historical tidbits that one can brag to their friends or colleagues about during a cocktail party. For example did you know that the word ‘quarantine’ originates from the Italian word ‘quarantena’, which in literal terms means the number forty. Apparently the english word was derived during the days of the black death in Europe. Italian port officials would instruct foreign vessels to anchor offshore along with their crew for forty days to ensure that they were not infected with the symptoms of the disease. Cool right?

Inferno also contains an all star cast with the likes of Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones and the bollywood spice himself, Irfan Khan. Felicity Jone’s character was well written and had depth. Thats all the positives I can name I’m afraid. The movie suffers through amateurish filmmaking as a lot of the action sequences are filmed with an absurd number of cuts and shaky cam, which is indicative of either the uncompetitive nature of the stunt crew to carry forward the stunts or the amateur direction of Ron Howard. A lot of the humor in the film was also misplaced. Lastly, the film also attempted to make use of the hallucinations that professor Langdon is undergoing in order to amplify the severity of his condition whilst narrating key elements of the storyline. Unfortunately, these hallucinations were frequent and extremely unbearable to watch. Rather than evoking a sense of intrigue or anxiety amongst viewers, I’m afraid these hallucinations made myself and I presume many others nauseous.

Overall, the movie Inferno is nothing special. An all star cast and a few neat historical tidbits embedded in the storyline do not cut it. The movie knocks itself out through amateurish filming of action sequences, out of place humor and extremely irritating hallucinations.

RATING: 6/10


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