Color Palettes of some of my Favorite Films

Hey Folks,

This website has been collecting dust for some time now so I thought I’d freshen up my feed with some new content. We’re living in strange times, with a large number of us in our homes for the majority of the day. In times like these, we should seek comfort in the things we love to watch or do; in my case this is film!

I’m the sort of person who enjoys collecting and interpreting data. At the same time, I am fascinated with how directors and cinematographers utilize light and color in their movies to elucidate a certain reaction or sensation from the audience. This led me to collect the following information:

Below are pie-charts, showing the six most dominant colors used in some of my favorite movies. I obtained these figures by downloading all the images in these films (as available on IMDB), and handpicking around 160 of these images to create a collage (see example below). I then fed this collage into a software (Palette Generator), which extracted a color palette based on the predominant colors in the image using a k-means algorithm. I have credited all the websites used to produce this work at the end of this post.


(Guess the movie?)

Without further adieu, this is what I obtained:












Part II coming soon!

  • google chrome extension that quickly downloads selected images from a webpage

  • generates a tightly packed collage of ~200 images

  • creates a natural color palette from an image

  • a brilliant example from the web showing similiar work



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