Baby Driver

Hello folks! Its been a while but I’m back to review some more movies over this christmas holiday. What better way to start than to review one of the most critically acclaimed films of this year; Baby Driver. This movie marks the triumphant return of Edgar Wright and features Ansel Elgort as Baby, a talented yet conflicted getaway driver who uses the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. Baby desires to leave his current profession and live his life alongside his newly met love interest, played by Lily James. However he is coerced into taking part in one final heist for his crime boss (Kevin Spacey). Lets just say that things take a very unfavorable turn from here on out.

What I can positively about Baby Driver is its excellent sound mixing and editing. Both contemporary and older tunes are used to this film’s benefit in order to create a juxtaposition between a thrilling and a soothing atmosphere. The camerawork is also fantastic. There was an abundant use of both aerial and tracking shots that helps audiences to visualize all the action set pieces from different perspectives. Oh yeah… and the action set pieces. Outstanding. I am convinced that very little CGI was used in the making of Baby Driver. Instead, a lot of effort was provided by this film’s stuntmen and women to generate surreal and dramatic getaway sequences that give a homage to famous car getaway movies such as the Italian Job.

However I would be lying if I didn’t say that this film subdued my expectations. Edgar Wright completely wastes the talents of Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx. Their characters play pivotal roles in the storyline but were both written with little effort to flesh out their personas. I was never elated or mesmerized by their presence on screen. Simply put, both these actors replicated their roles from Horrible Bosses, which, believe me, is not a compliment. The romantic relationship between Ansel Elgort’s’ and Lily James’ characters was also quite dull and uninteresting. I felt that it was shoehorned in for the purposes of adding more of a persona to Baby, but I think the execution of this was underwhelming.

Focusing on the big picture, I wasn’t really a fan of this movie’s narrative. The central conflict begins about halfway through the film’s runtime, by which point I had lost the majority of my interest. In addition, I was perplexed about the genre that this film was trying to fit into. Was it trying to be a heist movie, a comedy action flick or a musical? The tone of Baby Driver wasn’t decisive enough to firmly place it in any one of these three categories?

Overall, I was a bit letdown. Edgar Wright may not be one of my favorite directors, but he has produced some beauties in the past like Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead. Sadly Baby Driver isn’t one of his beauties. Its narrative is odd and its tone is confused. Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx’s talents are wasted and I never really grew fond of Ansel Elgort as the lead. The only notes that this film hits perfectly are its sound mixing and editing, both of which are excellent supplements to creating some truly kick ass action set pieces.




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