The Founder

This is going to be a shorter review than normal because in all honesty I’m struggling to come up with logical sentences to describe this movie. The Founder is the true story about how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a struggling milkshake salesman from Illinois, successfully managed to acquire and grow one of the largest fast food franchises known the world over; McDonald’s.

As mentioned before, this is going to be a short entry. Its not that I hated this movie to the point that I don’t feel like writing about it nor is it that I loved this movie so much that I’m struggling to find words to describe its greatness. The Founder is your average, by the numbers biopic that just to happens to be about McDonald’s. There was nothing particularly great or terrible about this film. It was just fine. Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, delivered a splendid performance. He embodies the pride, persistence and visionary attitude of Kroc, that same attitude that led him to spearhead one of the most successful food franchises of the 20th century.

I can also say that this film has an informative storyline. We don’t get to see the early life of Kroc or that of Dick/ Mac McDonald (the original founders of McDonald’s), but we see enough to understand how and why this franchise grew the way it did and Ray Kroc’s involvement in its growth. The Founder is one of those bio-pics that gives you (the audience) a few neat facts about something that’s popular in our culture today, which you can retell to your friends and family. Yeah, its that sort of movie. I can’t point to any dull moments in the film. For the most part this movie maintains a consistent pace and delivers a pretty cohesive storyline. However there was nothing ‘standout’ about this film. There is no particular one scene that I can point to and say: “Thats some great filmmaking right there!”. It’s one of those movies, which I will probably forget about in a year or two.

Overall, The Founder is your run of the mills biopic about something popular in our society today. It has a good lead performance from Michael Keaton, a cohesive storyline that maintains a consistent pace and a few neat tidbits that you may not have known about McDonald’s. Other than that, there is nothing particularly standout in the way this film was shot or produced. It is certainly not a dull movie by any means, but I don’t think I will remember it in a few years time.




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