Wonder Woman

Before I get into this review, let me make two brief statements that I feel people who haven’t watched this movie are wondering:

  1. Wonder Woman is the best female led superhero movie we have ever had to date.
  2. Wonder Woman is the best DCEU movie we have had to date.

Now that that’s cleared up, lets get an in depth review of this movie without any spoilers. Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins tells the story of the beloved Diana Prince, princess of the Amazons who was trained from a young age to become an undefeatable warrior. When a mysterious fighter pilot (Chris Pine) crash lands near her land, Diana learns of a massive war occurring outside her land; World War I. Fearing that a greater power is behind this conflict, Diana sets out with the pilot to end this war and learn more about her own powers and destiny.

My experience with this film was nothing short of satisfying. It is beautifully shot from start to finish capturing well the contrast between Themyscira, a paradise surrounded by clear blue seas and cloudless skies, and Western Europe with its industrious and gritty vibe tainted with the fog of war. All the battle sequences were also generally well displayed. We get to see the full reaches of Wonder Woman’s powers from her lasso of truth to her iconic sword dubbed the ‘god killer’. The action was fast paced and entertaining with professional stunt work blended with an acceptable dosage of CGI. Wonder Woman, like every other DCEU movie apart from Suicide Squad is visual treat to look at.


Chris Pine and Gal Gadot also provide some splendid performances. Their respective characters gel well with each other and have great chemistry. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a symbol of power, justice and strength, which she exhibits thoroughly throughout the movie. At the same time, she is also portrayed as an outsider when she enters the ‘human world’ for the first time in her life. This adds a kick of comedy into the film, something which I felt was lacking for other DCEU movies. Chris Pine is also a comedy relief character as he is constantly portrayed as having to explain certain things to Wonder Woman to get her accustomed to his world. All other characters in this movie do not make a dominating presence when on screen. They were certainly noticeable but not memorable. The villain of this movie as you may know is Ares who is the god of war. His portrayal in the movie, without spoiling anything, was interesting to say the least. I never really found him to be very threatening when he actually should have been or even as powerful as I would have liked. He is a middle tier antagonist at best in the DCEU.


Depiction of Ares in the Injustice Video Game

Going back to the action sequences discussed earlier, of which there are three major ones (one in each act), I felt that two of the three were extremely well shot. The other was extremely CGI heavy and generic for this type of genre. It included all the tropes of a B grade comic book action sequence; an faceless army, a blue sky beam of light, slow motion shots without any sound, computer generated hand to hand combat etc. It was a bit irritating to watch considering that I had already seen such types of scenes over a dozen times before.

Sky Beam.png
Blue skybeam in comic book movies

Other things to talk about this movie include its soundtrack and post credits scene. The score for this film was well composed. It borrows from some of the themes established in BVS but expands on those themes to make them unique to this film. Regarding the post credit scene, there isn’t one. You can go home right away.

As a whole, Wonder Woman is one of the best films that the DCEU has to offer. Like other DCEU films, it has a great visual style, production value and soundtrack. However this movie separates itself from the pack through its deep yet comedic performances from Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Patty Jenkins (the director) also goes to extraordinary lengths to make her battle sequences ultra-realistic and memorable for the viewers. My only criticisms of this film would be its villain, and one of the battle sequences which makes up most of the third act. I found both of these two aspects to be generic and unmemorable.





2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. YESSS! Oh I’m on that hype train alright. I’ve got tickets to finally see the movie this Sunday and so the first 2 statements were much appreciated. I have to admit I almost lost all hope when it comes to the DCEU so I’m glad we’re heading back in the right direction. Ahhh! I’m so excited now! Really enjoyed reading your review!

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