Kill Bill Volume 2

Kill Bill Vol. 2 takes off right where vol. 1 left off. The bride continues her revenge tour to eliminate members of the deadly assassination viper squad who ruined her wedding, killed off her baby who she was pregnant with and put her in a coma for four years. This movie focuses more on her remaining targets and her life before she sought out to kill Bill.

In my opinion, this movie has the flavour of its predecessor in terms of its narrative and the way its shot. The narrative plays out especially well for this movie as we learn more about the bride’s lifestyle; the way she was trained, how she was betrayed etc. through some unique perspectives. I felt the use of B&W to be more effective in this installment as it outlined events of the past, as opposed to its use in vol. 1 where it was utilized at completely random points in the movie.

However I have to come clean about this film. It is far far less superior than the first. For starter’s its runtime is way too long. I felt at least 20 mins could have been cut out from all the chitter chatter that we are put through, especially in the final two chapters of the film. This movie has irritatingly¬†long dialogue and exposition sequences that were not very memorable or rich in content. There was also far less action in this movie than the first. This is understandable to a certain degree as the bride had only a few names to tick off from her hit list, however nonetheless the action is lacking. Even the final fight that we see in this movie ends with a few punches and kicks and is less memorable than some of the other action sequences that we got to see in this franchise. Lastly, I have a word or two to say about some of the performances. Uma Thurman and Michael Madsen. Their performances did not cut it for me. Both of these actors seemed to be phoning it in.

Overall yeah I don’t have much else to add to this review. Kill Bill vol. 2 brings this franchise to a full circle and has much of the same flavor as the first. However in my opinion, this film is far less superior to the original because of its excessive runtime, irritatingly long dialogue and exposition sequences, lack of memorable action and subpar performances from Uma Thurman and Michael Madsen.




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