‘Misconduct’ was an under the radar crime/thriller film released in early 2016. The film tells the story of an ambitious lawyer who lands in hot water when he takes on a case against the executive of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company. The movie has an all star cast with the lights of Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino and Josh Duhamel.

Given the exciting premise and cast, I was quite excited going into this movie but I was left beyond disappointed. ‘Misconduct’ is a real stinker of a film and would probably be featured in the worst movies of 2016. All the characters in this movie were dull and uninteresting, and this was a product of actors not giving a damn about the movie. It was clear to me that Hopkins, Pacino and Duhamel were all doing their roles for a paycheck. There were certain characters in this movie who showed a touch more charisma than others eg: Glen Powell’s character but these characters were only there to spell everything out. In other words, Misconduct does not trust its audience with anything. The movie constantly assumes its audience to be incapable of making obvious links and reaching certain conclusions, so as a result many of the characters were written just to explain character motivations or provide useless exposition. This was the first half of the movie.

The second half of this movie is unwatchable. The story takes a completely different turn and goes to absurd lengths just to try to make things interesting. The main character also for some reason undergoes a radical character transformation and becomes a cold blooded thriller from being a lawyer. I also took notice of the fact that the movie must have undergone quite a lot of reshoots as a lot of scenes seemed to be missing. For example, towards the end of the movie our main hero (Josh Duhamel) confronts an individual who is said to be behind a series of murders that occur in the film. The two are about to fight, but the camera just cuts away from this to show Duhamel’s character being battered up and unconscious in a church. Where is the action?

The movie was also shot poorly, specifically in the second half. Let me illustrate this through two shots in the film:


shot 1.png

In this scene we hear three individuals (left) talking about a murder that has just occurred. Notice how we only see their bodies and not their faces. Instead the camera chooses to focus on the woman for no reason.

SHOT #2:

shot 2.png

This is a fight scene that takes place towards the end of the movie. But something’s off right? Yes, the camera is rotated. We do not actually get to see these two individuals fight. Instead the camera just continues to rotate, drawing attention away from the fight and giving viewers a hit of nausea.

Overall watching ‘Misconduct’ was a traumatic experience. The movies gets worse and worse as it progresses. All the characters are either dull or just exposition machines. It was also blatantly obvious that there were scenes missing from the movie, not to mention the fact that the majority of scenes that were actually present were shot poorly. The story also gets way too confusing towards the end and makes unnecessary twists and turns in a final attempt to make the movie more compelling, but at that stage I am sure most viewers would have been too tuned out to be focused. This is my least favorite movie of 2016.




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