Finding Dory

‘Finding Dory’ is the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2004 Pixar Studio’s film ‘Finding Nemo’. This time the story focuses on Dory (the blue one), who as you may recall suffers from short term memory loss. Dory is in search of her family who she once lost. With the help of Marlin and Nemo, she embarks on an adventure to find them during which she learns a great deal about her own upbringing.

To begin, there is nothing inherently wrong with this movie more so there are elements that were more underwhelming than the first installment of this franchise. One of the things I loved about ‘Finding Nemo’ was that it was an adventure film; Merlin had to travel the seven seas to locate his son, during which he encountered all sorts of obstacles that he had to overcome such as the Jellyfish field, the sharks, getting out of the fish tank in that dentist’s place etc. There were greater stakes to everything because Merlin had something to lose, something which he valued dearly. In ‘Finding Dory’ I never felt any of those stakes. Dory’s backstory is scrambled into a series of flashbacks that are scattered throughout the movie and are recalled to Dory whenever she needs them the most. The movie itself was less of an adventure because the majority of it takes place at a contained location. While in some instances this may be beneficial to a film because it adds focus, in this film I felt that the writers could have done more to really add that sense of scale to the movie.

Another underwhelming aspect of this movie were the characters. There were no memorable lines spoken or any characters that I particularly liked. Truth be told, I actually found Dory a bit annoying at times and I don’t think that was the intention of the director. The jokes were also fine, a bit too childish in my opinion but hey thats Pixar for you. There weren’t also those deep themes or underlying messages that I have come to expect from Pixar films. For example, ‘Inside Out’, one of my favorite movies of all time gave the message that its okay to be upset to change, and to never hide your emotions away from the people you love. I never really saw such themes or messages resonate throughout this movie.

In short, ‘Finding Dory’ fell below my expectations. Though it does a good job in animatronics and doesn’t have any severe problems with its plot or characters it falls short because it doesn’t have that ‘adventure aspect’ that made its predecessor so great. In addition the film lacks any memorable/funny/unique moments. Definitely disappointed because I expect great things from any Pixar film.





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