This is going to be the first of three entries reviewing the entire Blade movie series. The first movie, ‘Blade’,  tells the story of a vampire-human hybrid, called Blade who aspires to get rid of all the vampires on Earth. At the same time, he is set out to stop ‘Frost’, a human turned vampire, from summoning an ancient apocalyptic god.

Blade is an underappreciated comic book movie. It is underappreciated because people don’t credit it enough for setting up this ‘vampire-verse’. The movie also makes good use of its R-rating by introducing more than a few meaningful ways to kill vampires. There is a lot of blood. A lot. In addition, the action scenes of this film were well choreographed.

On the contrary, I felt that the action scenes were let down due to the poor use of CGI. In my opinion, the best use of CGI is when you don’t know its being use. All the computer enhanced images in this movie were very clearly visible and cringeworthy from a computer artist’s point of view. Even for the 90s the CGI was a let down, which is not a good sign at all. The villain of this movie, Frost, was also only average at best. The problem here was that his master plan was never really fleshed out well enough; the technical details for his plan were really just a backdrop for all the cool action sequences and set-up for future films.

As a whole, Blade is an underrated comic book movie. Though its villain and CGI may be underpar, it certainly makes up for those by introducing cool action sequences and a well utilized R-rating.

RATING: 7/10


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