The Fate of the Furious

Directed by F Gary Gray, the “Fate” of the furious (love how much more time the production team behind this franchise spend on the name of the film as opposed to the script), stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron and many more A-list celebrities…

Let me start off my saying that this movie delivers on the promise of action, action and even more action. I tip my hat off to the stunt and effects team behind this movie for providing some of the most over the top, gravity defying set pieces I have ever seen in a movie. The stunts shown in this movie are physically not possible. Cipher’s (the main villain) plan, from a logistics point of view, would have never worked out in real life. But that’s ok because this is exactly the reason I enjoy watching movies from this franchise. The over top and campy action sequences are truly something to be amazed by.

But on the flip side, this movie felt quite familiar in terms of this general structure; 3 big action sequences, a few predictable plot twists, and a final sequence where it seems like Dominic Toretto is going to die, but he doesn’t (thank you film contracts). Given this, it was very hard for me to be surprised while watching this film; it takes away the thrill a little bit. At the same time, I felt that Charlize Theron’s character (Cipher) was also a bit flat. She was basically behaving as a puppeteer; attempting to toy with people’s emotions to get her way, but given the light hearted tone of this film, it was quite difficult to take her character seriously. She was basically just a cheap knock off of the mission impossible 5 villain (I forget his name sorry).

To cap this review off, I would like to talk about family. The word Vin Diesel grouls on about in almost all of these films. Even though the franchise may have lost the highly charismatic paul walker, the film ensures that he is not forgotten and attempts to build on his character’s legacy to introduce more characters into the Toretto clan, which I am looking forward to see more of in the next two films.

RATING: 7/10





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