An Explanation Is Probably Due…

[An engineering student based in Hong Kong but living in Toronto]

Given that my summer holidays have formally begun, I have decided to create a mini blog capturing my experience of watching movies; both at the theatre and at the comfort of my own home.

Canadian universities are notoriously known for handing out 4 month summer vacations, or as I like to call it 120 days of film. Over the next, you guessed it, 120 days I will attempt to watch and review 120 movies spanning different genres, decades and actors. I have gained an interest in watching movies for about two years now, through watching over 400 movies. However something always felt missing; I never really got the opportunity to share my thoughts on the film

I am no professional movie-critic, I do not know much about how the movie was actually made, or the techniques used by the director or whoever to portray XYZ in a particular manner. But the one ability I do have is to spurt out my raw thoughts about films. No edits. No re-writes. Just raw thoughts. My opinion about a film may become controversial at times, but this just my opinion. Either way, I hope you as the reader will be entertained and encouraged to watch more films.

Without further adue… Lets get this blog started…


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